Skincare Product Scams

One of the more popular scams that have become quite prevalent today, are related to advanced skincare products. There are a plethora of websites offering reviews of certain products. When someone visits these websites, there is a stellar description of the product along with several prompts on getting free trials, where you only have to pay the shipping charges.

Because some of the big companies have been running successful trial offers, a lot of scammers jumped on it as well…

Some examples of such scams are on the websites of Luminis Skin Serum and Vskin Active. If you visit the sites, you will notice that both have a similar design template and both offer free trials of the product.


However, when you go for the free trial, you are redirected to a page for a completely different product. In other cases, you are charged large amounts of money, and when you call to cancel the order, all calls go unanswered.

This can be extremely inconvenient and dangerous, and therefore, it is very important to know how to defend yourself against such scams. To that end, following is a list of ways you can defend yourself against scams on the internet.

Make sure the connection is encrypted

An encrypted connection can protect your personal information from people and websites who may store and use it for their own nefarious and criminal purposes. This is why it is always beneficial to make sure that the connection you are using is properly encrypted, since stolen data can often be used to harmful effect.

Do not entertain alternate/fake websites

scam protection

If you notice that a website advertises a certain product, and when you opt to purchase said product, it redirects you to another site; do not click on anything there, and simply exit the site altogether. An example of this is the several sites which are advertising DermaSet cream or some other popular product but are not really selling it. To combat this, only buy from websites which do not redirect to a shady landing page.

Carefully check celebrity endorsement photos

Often, scam websites offering products, will have celebrity endorsement photos on the site, to show that even celebrities favour their products. These photos are often fake and doctored, and a good way to determine the originality of the photos is to examine them carefully to see whether the celebrity is actually holding the product advertised, or whether it is simply a photoshopped image.

Check for signs of scams such as shady URLs and other minute details

Some scammers have copied websites from well-known publications such as People Magazine, and on said websites, they upload articles as well as offers for certain products. This is a scam, since publications rarely, if ever, endorse products, and a good way to determine whether the review on offer is fake, is to look for telltale signs such as cleverly modified URLs.

skin care scam


Check the testimonials for signs of scams

Scam sites often have a number of positive testimonials from individuals and on social media sites. A good way to determine whether or not the latter are fake is to click on the social media box. If it stays static, then the website itself is a scam.


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