The Best Time to Drink Water and the Reasons Why

Water is indeed life, and in most cases, it is one of the best medicines.

It runs in our veins as a major component of our blood, and hence without an adequate amount of it, we can experience ill health.

If you wish to bring a drastic change in your life, then start drinking it in the following mentioned times:

• As Soon As You Wake Up

Drinking water in the morning helps the body to start right. It sends a message to the organs that it’s time to wake up and start functioning effectively. Also, drinking in the morning washes away all the dirt, toxins, free radicals, and metabolic residue from the body.

With a glass in the morning, you basically start your day with your organs squeaky clean.

• Before Every Meal

Drink a glass half an hour before a meal. Not only will water encourage you to eat less but will also kick-start your metabolism. Additionally, it hydrates and moisturizes the stomach lining so that acidic food does not make you feel uncomfortable.

• Before Going To Bed

When we go to bed with a hydrated body, we reduce our chances of heart attacks and strokes. Drinking a glass before going to bed also replenishes fluid in our body that we are most likely to lose during the night.

• Before Taking a Bath

Drinking water before taking a bath lowers our blood pressure and this routine must at least be vigorously followed by people who suffer from high blood pressure. This practice helps in maintaining a healthy Blood pressure.

• Whenever You Feel Tired

Our complex biology already has a system in place and sends us signals to tell us that our body is in need of water. One of these signals is tiredness and lack of energy. 75% of our brain consists of water and when we rejuvenate it with water it functions even better.

Drinking water helps bring a boost in energy and chases the tiredness away.

• Before Workout

We know that we are going to lose lots of fluid from our body during exercise, so prepare your body by hydrating it beforehand. When we exercise, we transport nutrients to our body, to make this transportation easier; we need fluid in our body, which is again provided by water.

Most importantly, a dehydrated body is likely to tire faster than a hydrated body so if you want your workout to last 30 minutes, drink plenty before starting your workout.

• After Workout

Perhaps most of us already do this, but if you don’t then begin drinking after the workout as well. You lose all the fluid and minerals from your body via sweating so you need to replace those fluids as soon as possible with water.

However, take small sips and give yourself 2-3 minutes before drinking again. Guzzling down water fast right after exercise might give you some nasty stomach cramps.

A well-hydrated body has better immunity than bodies that are not. If you wish to get rid of all the minor ailments in your life then start drinking water at the right time!

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