The Three Magical Steps to Apply Concealer for Dark Circles

dark circles solutionA concealer can be both a blessing and a curse for any woman. Do you know that according to stylists, creamy concealer is used on the area below the eyes while dry concealer is used to cover acne breakouts? Well, if you didn’t know then you know now! But these complexities can only be worked around with the knowledge of two basic things. First the right product itself, and second the correct application of it.

Having adequate knowledge of the available products is not the key to make your dark circles disappear or make the blemishes on your face go away. It majorly lies in the correct application of it. After all, the concealer is a game changer!

Let us discuss with you the three magical steps of the correct application of a concealer as the makeup artist, Ashleigh Ciucci suggests;

  • Define the guideline

Most of the women don’t know the trick behind the application of a concealer. Women usually apply the concealer over the dark circles directly. This, instead of lightening the face, calls attention to the shaded area of the face even more. However, the stylists suggest using a small concealer brush to draw two lines of an inverted triangle beneath your eyes. The trick is not to connect or fill the lines otherwise this will make it look heavy or cakey

  • The smooth blending

The next step is to blend the concealer with a dampened sponge. Use a tiny sponge to blend the concealer by dabbing or rolling the sponge inwards. Continue with this until the under-eye triangle is filled in flawlessly.

  • Set the Concealer

The 3rd step is to get rid of the sliding off concealer that usually, by noon, sets into the fine lines on the face. This is easily applicable by dusting the translucent powder slightly over the concealer. For this, simply use an eye shadow brush and swirl and sweep it over your defined triangle (under the eye) until it perfectly blends.

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