With thousands of new products emerging every month, the men’s hair-care industry has taken the world by storm. Even with all of these options, most men are not quite sure which products they should buy for the best results for their hair types.

Here are some of the products which should be used by men of different hair types to style their hair while keeping it healthy and shining.

Straight hair

There isn’t much which needs to be worried about in terms of hair-care products for men with straight hair. Since straight hair can be styled with just about any type of product with ease, men with straight hair can use the largest variety of hair products.

The best part about straight hair is that it can be styled in a multitude of ways using very small amounts of product which means that men with straight hair do not have to spend a fortune on styling products. Gels can be used to style straight hair with a wet look, whereas hair mousse can be used to add volume to hair.

Curly hair

Curly hair can become frizzy within a matter of seconds if proper care is not taken. This is why men with curly hair should always invest in hair products which will keep their hair moisturized and conditioned.

When stripped of the naturally found lubricant called sebum, curly hair can become visibly damaged and break very easily. This is why any product which can dry hair should be avoided. Products which can dry and damage curly hair include gels and hair waxes. Hairspray, too, generally ends up stiffening curly hair which leaves it dull and wiry. Styling creams and hair mousse is recommended when curly hair needs to be styled.

Kinky hair

Men with kinky hair have the least options when it comes to hair care and styling products. Since kinky hair is very thick and coarse, it is practically impossible for people with kinky hair to use most products like gels and hair wax. A styling cream is probably the best option for men with kinky hair since it can help keep hair nourished.